Sunday, August 26, 2007

Whither goest Leahy?
Will contempt charges see light of day?

With Congress slated to return next week to the big, white building down the block from your blogstress's Oppo Factory, your cybertrix endeavors to suppress the the hope that Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont will actually make good on his to charge the president with contempt of Congress for his failure to comply with a Senate subpoena for documents related to the illegal NSA wiretapping program that Congress so cravenly passed earlier this month.

The need for hope-suppression stems from the numerous disappointments your Webwench has suffered, longing for indignant Democrats to do more than express indignation at the flouting of the Constitution by the autocrats that inhabit the executive branch. But blogstress, they plead; we haven't the votes to save the Constitution! Saving the Constitution would divide the republic! (Note to Dems: absent a working Constitution, there is no republic.)

Here's a suggestion from one Harvey Silverglate, who represented Mike Gravel, the soon-to-be-erstwhile Democratic presidential candidate, back when he was a noble senator seeking to publish the Pentagon Papers in the Congressional Record: send the Capitol Police to the White House to arrest Mr. Bush. The Secret Service should have some fun with that one.


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