Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huckabee also made history

Given the grand sweep of history reflected in tonight's win of the Iowa caucuses by Barack Obama, it's easy to forget that, among Republicans, tonight's win by Mike Huckabee is also history-making. He's the guy the party didn't want, and he has precious little dough. This is what it looks like when the voters thumb their nose at the establishment. Unfortunately, on the Republican side, that's an even more scary prospect than their establishment guys.

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Hear the sound of pounding feet?

That's the sound of a lot of African-American people walking over to the Obama camp. You see, African-American voters are very pragmatic, and many were hesitant to declare for Barack Obama if they thought there was no way that white people would vote for him. Iowa has changed all that. And your blogstress thinks that's where Hillary Clinton really is in trouble. African-American women had been a mainstay of her support.

Obama capped his win in Iowa with a soaring speech. You had to be made of wood not to feel it. Tonight, I believe, he won a good deal more than Iowa.

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Obama: the change quote

"In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it."

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Obama is the man

"a president who won't just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know."

This is good stuff, well delivered.

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Obama speaks

And he is lifting us up. This is beautiful.

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Huckabee's code

While wags unfamiliar with the lingo of the religious right spoke with amazement of how soft and centrist he appeared to be, they totally missed the code that Huckabee spoke. No, he did not make only one reference to abortion -- he made several. That thing about "generations yet to be born"? About abortion. "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"? Yes, abortion. You have to do a little studying on that one. It has to do with "unalienable rights." And those 64 guys who signed the Declaration of Independence? They "gave birth" to an idea.

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Barack making us wait

A cruel tease...Make the speech, man!

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Huckabee speech - features Chuck Norris

Hillary Clinton approaches the podium with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright standing next to her; Mike Huckabee gives his victory speech with Chuck Norris, former Walker, Texas Ranger, standing next to him.

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Hillary gives a good speech

Congratulates Obama and Edwards, nods to all of her colleagues, and declares it a "great day for Democrats."

Makes a case for her candidacy. Looks swell.

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John Edwards gives strange speech

I'm watching this speech and I'm thinking, this is weird; this guy is just giving his stump speech. Okay, I think, so maybe not so dumb; he's got a national audience, so he's decided to use precious media to deliver his message -- not a raft of thank-yous.

But then Chris Matthews reminded me that he never congratulated Barack Obama, who won this contest. And that's just unsportsmanlike. Most unattractive.

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Obama wins!

You blogstress has always thought that Barack Obama has a real shot at winning the Democratic nomination for president, but she never thought it would begin in Iowa. Really thought that Edwards would pull this one out.

But what the Obama win tells us is that a narrative of hope can trump the division of race. Yes, racism still reigns in all too many places, but hope can prevail. Amen.

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Huckabee wins

As your blogstress predicted, the Christian Reconstructionist-friendly Mike Huckabee has won the Republican Iowa caucus. So, she's half right.

You'll recall that your ecrivaine predicted that John Edwards would win the Democratic caucus. Though Fox News and others have called the race for Barack Obama, your net-tete is not yet ready to concede her hunch. However, she can't say she would be unhappy to announce an Obama win.

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Dems still close

Fox News just declared Barack Obama the winner in Iowa, yet the percentages are quite close, and at least one big precinct -- Iowa City -- has yet to deliver. On the ground is Hans Johnson, the labor and LGBT activist, who texted me to let me know that that the Iowa City precinct turnout is up by 33 percent from 2004. Hans is a volunteer with the John Edwards campaign.

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Huckabee's internet-jammers

Great post by Amanda Terkel of Think Progress, here via AlterNet:

Huckabee urged the bloggers to "clog" up the wireless system in Des Moines so that reporters couldn't file any more "bad" stories about him.

Yesterday in Des Moines, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee hosted an event thanking "roughly 700 bloggers who, he said, were responsible for keeping his campaign alive."

Hat-tip to Tim C. for the heads-up.

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Iowa predictions

Your blogstress has read the entrails, and brings you this prognostication for the outcome of the Iowa caucuses:

Winner for Dems: Edwards
Winner for Repubs: Huckabee*

*Caveat: If Romney wins, but Huckabee comes within two or three points, the latter has effectively won, according to Marquess of Weehawken rules. More on this later.

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