Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Anti-gay robo-call

Robocall - Tim Wildmon

Your blogstress's friends at the American Family Association have been buying airtime from whomever will sell them a bit of that public trust to spread their customary message of hatred of queer folk. Here's a robocall that went out yesterday, presumably to any and all who ever contributed a dime to AFA. Note that the call comes from AFA founder Don Wildmon's son, Tim. (Ever notice how some of these hate-mongering groups become a sort of full-employment plan for the founder's family?)

AFA's special, "Speechless: Silencing the Christians", may soon be coming to a cable channel -- or even broadcast channel -- near you, delivered as "paid programming". If you see it scheduled in your 'hood, you may wish to mobilize against the media outlet that sold the air time to AFA.

Here's the text of Brother Tim's message:

Hello, this is Tim Wildmon on behalf of your American Family Association, calling to sincerely thank you for your faithful support. With the help of friends like you, we've produced a new, one-hour documentary called "Speechless: Silencing the Christians". It details how the radical homosexual lobby has silenced Christians while labeling us a bigots in order to push their agenda across America. It will air on cable as well as network affiliates nationwide, so be watching for it. Your support makes this television program possible, so on behalf of your AFA, thank you again, and God bless.

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