Thursday, January 22, 2004

Two Cans and a String

Oh, dear reader, are you out there? It's been so long! Alas, a conflagration of mishaps and miscues have led to your intrepid but intermittent blogger being more intermittent than usual. And during the Iowa stunner and the State of the Union snoozer, no less.

I have a new computer, but no DSL to hook it into due to a great deal of confusion among phone companies. I had switched to Sprint to punish Verizon for continuing to bill me for a second line they never managed to install. I got the Sprint on a deal from AOL. Unbeknownst to me, AOL gave Sprint my debit card info, so Sprint started taking money out of my account even as they cashed the check with which I had paid my bill. So I cancelled my debit card and decided to change back to the less brazen but painfully confused Verizon.

Ah, would that it were that easy. See, I deigned to move to another apartment in the same building I lived in when I began my vengeance spree against the telecoms. So now, my new telephone service is piped freshly into an apartment I no longer occupy.

Only the Almighty knows when I will have regular phone, ISP and DSL service again. I'm not sure why I expect you to care, except that this is a blog, ergo, blah, blah, blah, me.

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