Friday, July 30, 2004

Comrades in Blogs

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Having spent the last five days angling for ways to get into the Fleet Center in Boston while getting lost in the amusement park inside her brain, your blogstress is only now catching up with the brilliant work done by her fellow bloggers during the Democratic National Convention.

For unabashed fun, you'll need to visit Tom Burka's Opinions You Should Have, where a raft of laugh-out-loud satirical news items reside. My favorite? "Hope Delayed At Security Kiosk Outside Fleet Center" (July 28).

Our favorite librarian, Jessamyn Charity West, informs us that, yes, Virgina, there are real roots on that grass. Check out her item, "Who Says There's No Grass Roots?" (July 29), and note the listing for the Democratic Swingers. (Smoking jackets, anyone?)

Nathan Paxon is a brainy, and for the most part, sober fellow, but he had the good sense to post on his blog, NateKnowsNada, this delightful item from a "glances" personals column. Scroll down to item "Missed Connection with Teresa?", 7/28/04. For stuff not covered elsewhere, check out Nate's items on the "People of Faith" lunch that took place during the convention.

More to come...

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