Tuesday, July 20, 2004

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Casino to Ronstadt:
Baby, you're no good...

When I was a little girl, my daddy taught me to shoot craps against the curb. Considering the fact that we had just moved to a tidy, suburban neighborhood, my mother was not amused. But, hey, you can take the paisano out of Jersey City, and you know the rest...

In the case of Linda Ronstadt, it seems you can take the lefty out of Sacramento (remember her Jerry Brown days?) and put her in Nevada, but it's a schtick that doesn't play well in Vegas. Ms. Ronstadt (whom I idolized during the short-shorts & roller-skate years) apparently got the boot at the Aladdin last night when she rolled off a riff of praise for Michael Moore, director, producer, etc., of the anti-Bush film, Farenheit 911.

It was apparently quite a scene. According to the piece on Billboard's Web site, audience members tossed cocktails and tore down posters.

Jeez, what was the family values crowd doing lushin' it up at a gambling hall in the first place? Must've read The Book of Virtues one too many times. (Is there a high-rolling moralizer in the hall--tossing cocktails?)

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