Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Brilliant person

Your blogstress begs the reader's forgiveness for having fallen down on the job of deconstructing the president's remarks to the Unity conference, a gathering of journalists of color, last Friday in Washington, D.C.

The reactions of the audience of journalists to both President Bush and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry the day before have become a matter of some controversy, seeing as Kerry received more than polite applause, while the president received some unstifled titters. So, a debate rages on Romenesko, the site by which journos live and die.

Because a rigorous desconstruction of the Bush remarks now appears to require the effort of a doctoral dissertation, your blogstress will simply highlight one quote each day, until all the good ones are exhausted. So here's the Bush Unity quote for August 10th:

"You look at my administration, it's diverse...When I see Condi [Rice], I think 'brilliant person.'"

When your blogstress sees Condi, she thinks, can I help you find a tailor and a decent hairdresser?

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