Thursday, August 19, 2004

Can you hear me now?

Yesterday, between 6:30 and 7:00pm, man on cell phone, waiting to cross street, at corner of 2nd & Constitution:

"I talked to Corzine, and he said he talked to Obama about that stuff, and Obama said..."

And then, alas, the light changed and he walked away.

The conversation sounded suspiciously like those your blogstress once had, during the extended period she likes to call her youth, on paydays:

"Chlo--talked to Izzy about the stuff...[and he said come by at 7:30; this stuff is really good.]"

In truth, the conversation was no doubt about something not nearly so interesting--money. Sen. Jon Corzine heads the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and Rising Star (his official DNC titlte) Barack Obama is running for the Senate from the State of Lincoln.

Nonetheless, the senator from New Jersey (and likely the state's next governor), may wish to inform his bagman that discretion is in order, as one never knows where the blogstress may lurk.

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