Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Thank God for New Jersey - Take 2

In which your blogstress stands corrected

In an earlier post, your humble cybertrix, who is about to prove just how humble she really is, made a mistaken assertion about from which show the following quote (which she, impressively, got right from memory) actually came. (If your blogstress was a media reporter, she'd risk being "iced" by network P.R. meanies for making such an error.) The show was "Meet the Press" (not the "Chris Matthews Show", as reported), and the sage whose name she had forgotten was Jon Meacham of Newsweek, who said:

I'm a Southerner and Southerners always say, 'When it comes to political corruption, thank God for New Jersey.'

Regarding another assertion made in the same post, Frank Gilligan, your Webwench's partner in musical crimes, points us to the official site for the "Chris Matthews Show", which he was apparently able to find just fine.

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