Monday, August 02, 2004

What goes with orange?
Dressing for the apocalypse

You'll be happy to know that your blogstress's knee is healing nicely after the escalatorcapade on which she embarked while evading security personnel at the Democratic National Convention. Though she spent the weekend limping around, her undulant gait has, as of today, returned to normal, allowing her to, once again, swing so cool and sway so gently.

As it turned out, the icky wet spot on the knee of her spandex-blend pants was indeed blood, so her knee now sports the scabrous imprint of the tread from the moving stairs. Curiously, while her knee was cut by the stairs, her tech pants by Isaac Mizrahi for Target remained miraculously in tact. Well worth the $29.99 they set your Webwench back.

With orange apparently set to be the big color for fall, one suspects your cybertrix will sporting those trousers often. If one runs the everyday risk of being blown to smithereens here in our nation's capital, clothing that looks sharp on bleeding flesh would seem to be the order of the day.

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