Wednesday, August 25, 2004

You've got to give a little,
take a little

(And let your poor heart break a little)

All right, your blogstress has been very naughty indeed, leaving her readers in the lurch for several days without notice.

It's all those preparations for her attendance at the Republican National Convention that have gotten in the way--angling extralegal credentials, finding a well-heeled media type to shack up with (gratis, of course), hand-washing all the black spandex that serves as her wardrobe.

Today brings word of a defeat suffered by the Log Cabin Republicans in the GOP platform hearings when those non-hetero elephants attempted to insert, unsheathed, a clause that said good people can disagree with the platform's pronouncements against abortion and gay marriage.

Coincidentally, Vice President Dick Cheney today "broke" with the president,in what would appear to be a bit of a good-cop-bad-cop routine, on the matter of a constitutional amendment that would proscribe the bonds of holy matrimony for queer people (at least those who would like to marry a partner they enjoy having sex with).

Bloodless bath?

The New York City Police Department, always on the cutting edge of technology (your blogstress was among the first, one fine St. Patrick's Day, to be shackled by the Finest with plastic handcuffs), has plans to use something called a Long Range Acoustical Device (LRAD) as a means of crowd control.

A piece on describes how LRAD is used by the military as a weapon:

When in weapon mode, LRAD blasts a tightly controlled stream of caustic sound that can be turned up to high enough levels to trigger nausea or possibly fainting.

Why say "Welcome to New York" with messy head-bashing, not to mention all that unsightly blood, when you can simply torture large crowds with a form of santized brutality?

In fairness, your cybertrix must note the the cops say they have no intention of using LRAD as a weapon. They just thought it would come in handy for giving orders to large crowds, they say. Your blogstress is all ears.

Thanks to Professor Soundman, Jim Mastracco, for calling your Webwench's attention to this item.

Swift boat veterans for Bush

If there was any doubt that the ads by these embittered blow-hards were coordinated by the Bush-Cheney campaign, the resignation of attorney Benjamin Ginsburg from the Bush campaign should lay those to rest. Seems Ginsburg was also advising that band of brothers on how to maneuver around the law.

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