Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Boogie on, Reppie women

Managing to make it into Madison Square Garden just as the vice president was arriving, your blogstress got herself positioned in front of a video monitor just in time to watch Republicans dancing to the strains of "Soul Man". There was much bouncing and bobbing, and hands-in-the-air waving, as well as some two-stepping by folks in cowboy hats. In short, not a proud moment for this white girl.

Now Zell Miller has taken the stage, looking like a man in the throes of demonic possession. Remember when he was happy and funny--and a Democrat--in '92?

Maybe it wasn't the same guy.

In the meantime, your cybertrix is performing a magic act of sorts in order to publish her blog. Just as the vice president began to speak, her publishing tool,, crashed. (An omen, perhaps?) And so your Webwench publishes by noodling around under the hood. And the last hood under which she noodled was that of a '78 T-bird.

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