Friday, September 03, 2004

Grabbing the apple

NEW YORK, NY (Madison Square Garden)--A reporter colleague from a very reliable publication tells your blogstress that she witnessed a young woman dressed in a garment festooned with anti-Bush slogans roughed-up by security personnel before they knocked her down and dragged her off.

She appeared to be one of the Axis of Eve protesters. She was standing, watching the proceedings when she was attacked, says your blogstress's source.

Throughout the Garden during the course of the convention were security guys who looked like Secret Service, with the curly-cue wire coming out of their ears and everything, but who actually worked for the GOP operations team. Many of them applauded throughout Bush's speech tonight.

I saw one of them block Al Franken's path, apparently for the hell of it, on the first night of the convention as the comedian tried to report from the floor. After he turned Franken away, a colleague of his said, "I'm sorry sir, you can't--"

As Franken changed direction, the first guy said, "I'm not--sorry."

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