Friday, September 24, 2004

Hadn't thought of that

The back-and-forth continues on the merit, or lack thereof, of stating one's belief that Bush is going to win the presidential election. (Your blogstress must admit, however, that since her pronouncement, she now thinks Kerry has something of a shot with the Clinton team running the show.)

And so, after an exchange based around this e-mail from Michael Moore sent to your Webwench from Karen, Executrix of Jersey, your cyberscribe was brought up short by this, also from Karen:

I'm not sure we're going to win. I think we need to act like it,
though. If one of my kids winds up on a plane to Iraq, which I think is likely if Bush wins, I'm going to need to be able to tell myself that I did everything humanly possible to prevent it. I also don't want the Republicans to claim some bogus mandate for four more years of evil, which makes it important to claw for every non-Bush vote.

Your blogstress, having foregone motherhood for a life of minor debaucheries, had failed to factor in the possibility of many of the babies in her life, now grown to various stages of young adulthood, shipping out for Najaf.

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