Thursday, September 30, 2004

The humanity

Waking yesterday afternoon from her ick-induced nap, your blogstress spied a most unusual sight through her boudoir window. Against a sky so thick with clouds it was nearly white lurked a dirigible of the same hue. No cheery zeppelin of commerce was this--neither Goodyear nor Fuji had sent their blimp out in celebration of the return of baseball to Our Nation's Capital. No, this was an unmarked blimp, sent to clock the movements of creatures in her Capitol Hill nabe.

Thus wrote the Washington Post:

Yes, there was a strange blimpy object flying over some government buildings in Washington before dawn this morning.

But no, it's nothing to worry about. It's on our side.

And whose side might that be? Since when were the Post and the Pentagon, under whose purview the blimp surveilled, on the same side? One would hope not to see Len Downie and Don Rumsfeld skipping through Rock Creek Park holding hands.

In its cuteness, its oh-so-blithe tone, this little news piece reveals all that has gone wrong with the media since 9-11. Here we find complete the buy-in to the government line. And because it is presented as such an adorable trifle, it is doubly dangerous and insulting.

To be fair to the Post, it must be said that the paper still gives government pooh-bahs more than a little ogida from time to time. But that such a poisonous little confection could show up in a venerable institution of journalism should give us all pause. How 'bout leaving the cuteness to your blogstress, and the buy-in to the righties in the blogosphere?

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