Monday, September 13, 2004

Okay, so maybe they won't win

Having been roundly admonished by readers for writing from the convention floor that the Republicans were going to win the presidential election, your blogstress wishes to reconsider her prediction, however certain she is of her supernatual powers.

"It's just not productive," said your cybertix's lifelong friend, Karen from Jersey, of your Webwench's oracle of doom. (Karen spoke as her daughter protested something at the U.N. and her son returned from playing football on what Karen described as "a normal day in heterosexual suburbia.")

Yeah, but if it scares the cr*p out of people, maybe it is productive. Witness the windfall the other side is getting out of fear-mongering.

Along similar lines, Michael Tomasky has a more nuanced piece appearing on The American Prospect Web site today. Since we already offered a sentence of the week several days ago, let us today serve up, from Tomasky, the graf of the day:

But the world is the world. Republicans understand the world, and Democrats do not. Republicans know that voters will respond emotionally to character questions, and they know that the media will lap them up like a thirsty dog. Democrats keep thinking that voters will do something as improbably nutritional as study a health care plan (as, surely, a scattered few do), and that the media will show themselves eager to write articles and broadcast discussion segments about health care plans. Both assumptions are folly.

If there is any hope for a Democratic victory, your blogstress thinks, it will come from the young people whose potential votes go uncounted by pollsters since they do not fall in a category called "likely". Nor do many have listings in phone books, since they tend to eschew land-lines for wireless phones.

What their elders fail to do, perhaps the activists of the League of Pissed-Off Voters, the Stonewall Student Network, the National Hip-Hop Political Action Committee, and the Young Voter Alliance will pull off.

Having lost faith in her own generation, your blogstress looks to the young for redemption.

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