Monday, September 20, 2004

To hope, or not to hope?

In our ever-flowing stream of reader mail regarding the wisdom of believing in the possibility of a Democratic victory in November's presidential race, we find this from our good pal, Breaker from the Beltway, who taught your Webwench all she knows about HTML.

(Perhaps because Breaker breathes the rarified Washington air, this reader is less sanguine than your blogstress's other amis chers.)

There is much to discuss, including my burning issue these days of [when] the Kerry camp is going to start putting out consistent talking points that get a clear and decisive message across.

The Republicans have been very successful at relentless and consistent messaging (some would call it propaganda or manipulation... but hey, it is working). Where is the passion in the Democratic platform?

What is the Democratic platform? Bush gave them so many talking points, [but] I fail to see how any of the response is on-target or meaningful.

So much to ponder, and so little time, as your blogstress needs to spend this evening handwashing all of her black spandex.

Breaker directs us to this depressing little thread from the site for the "Randi Rhodes Show": We Can't Win

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