Thursday, September 02, 2004

Vote Bush or Die

NEW YORK, NY--It took quite an effort for your cybertrix to get herself inside the convention hall this eveing. And it took her a while to figure it out--why she was dragging her handsome behind. Then it came to her: Tonight she would watch a speech delivered to rabidly admiring crowd by the man who will likely be president for another four years. And you know how she feels about that.

Yes, siree, remember you heard it here first: These guys are going to win.

In contrast with the Democrats, the Republicans' message is tight. As Roger Simon said tonight on Lou Dobbs, the message is, "Vote for Bush or die."

Simon boiled the message down to its essence: "[I]f you vote for John Kerry, a man who misunderstands terror, who's an appeaser, who will sell out our country, Al Qaida will come to your home and kill you."

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