Sunday, September 19, 2004

When's the revolution?

In the line of AddieStan readers who seek to convince your blogstress that reality is no substitute for wishful thinking, your cybertrix's dear friend, Nancy the New York Artist, writes:

I think that of all times we need to keep on having some sort of faith that good will win over evil, and that responding to the display with fear is exactly what they want. It's propaganda, and there are those who will buy into it, and there are others who have to fight to keep their faith in the intelligence of our neighbors...

Jaded though she be, your Webwench truly does appreciate the sentiment expressed by the Artist. She does not necessarily find her own defeatism to be a good thing; it's just her thing--for your cybertrix lives to fight another day by getting her mind beyond November 2nd, a day she contemplates with a deep sense of foreboding.

And so your blogstress asks her readers to consider this question above all else: What kind of art should we be making?

Art? Whattaya mean, Stan-o-trix, art? We got the Constitution to save, lives to save in the Middle East, jobs to get made, an economy to fix...

Step back, people. Look at the landscape. Ain't no tinkering under the hood gonna fix this mess. We need a revolution. (Or, in this case, a counter-revolution to the one currently underway.) And revolutions always begin with art.

What kind of art will you be making, reader dear?

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