Thursday, October 28, 2004


So glad to hear that the democratic party is ready to pull out all the stops to win Arkansas's six electoral votes, according Ryan Lizza's Campaign Journal at The New Republic Online:

ARKANSAS REALLY IN PLAY?: The DNC is buying ads, and Clinton will be there Sunday, according to The Arkansas Times's blog:

Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, just held a conference call with Arkansas media to announce a $250,000 television ad buy for Arkansas...

McAuliffe also confirmed that Bill Clinton will visit Arkansas on Sunday afternoon for a campaign event, although the details have not been finalized. He said it will be Clinton's last campaign stop in 2004 -- the former president will return to to his home in New York from Arkansas.

Hey, Bill, think ya could manage a swing through Jersey on your way back to Chappaqua? Not that those 15 Northeastern electoral votes mean as much as six big, fat, batter-dipped Southern votes or anything. Still, the folks who saw the towers fall on 9-11 seem to still be on the fence. Hoboken awaits you.

Note: Another confusing poll, this one from The Record of Bergen County finds Kerry seven points ahead of Bush, while two others, from Quinnipiac University and Strategic Vision, call it a dead heat. The Dems obviously have absolute faith in their own tracking polls, since they've not put a dime of advertising in any market that would reach North Jersey, where the undecideds dwell.

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