Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Is it a tie?
Or a rout for Bush?

It looks as though the Red Sox are about to win the World Series, which would be a good thing, thinks your blogstress. Those poor people in Boston have suffered long enough, and besides, your cybertrix is still holding a torch for the Mets--which means the Yankees are bad, bad, very bad.

Your cyberscribe's blogger colleague, Kurt Gallagher, posits that a Red Sox victory would signal a cosmic shift of a positive nature, while the Internationalist, a die-hard Yankees fan, will be sobbing in his beer for the human race, doomed, obviously, by the coming apocalypse.

Which leads us to the topic at hand: will New Jersey tip the scales toward the apocalypse by delivering 15 unexpected electoral votes to Geroge W. Bush? A new Quinnipiac poll calls the race a tie, with 46 points apiece.

Bush, Kerry In Dead Heat In New Jersey,
Quinnipiac University Poll Finds;
Terrorism Concerns, Campaign Visit Help President

President George W. Bush has closed a four-point gap with Democratic challenger John Kerry and the two candidates are locked in a 46 - 46 percent tie among New Jersey likely voters, with 2 percent for independent candidate Ralph Nader, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Six percent remain undecided...

Given four choices, 30 percent of New Jersey voters list terrorism as the most important issue in the presidential race, followed by 27 percent who list the economy, 26 percent who list the situation in Iraq and 13 percent who list health care.

Other polls show Kerry up by as many as eight points, so who the heck knows what is going on in the fertile land that spawned your Webwench? (For an excellent aggregation of all New Jersey polls, check out the excellent site,

All of this leaves your blogstress tearing at her silken tresses, wondering: WHY THE H*LL THE DEMS ARE PUTTING NO RESOURCES INTO WINNING JERSEY?

Notes Quinnipiac pollster Maurice Carroll: "Bush's quick drop in to New Jersey last week probably helped him. Will Kerry and/or former President Clinton stop by before Tuesday?"

Only if somebody wakes up and smells Secaucus.

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