Monday, October 25, 2004

No cannon fodder left behind

From Nancy the New York Artist comes this chilling mass-generated missive, which she received from the suburban public high school attended by one of her very creative offspring:

Dear Parent/Guardian of [name of New York Artist's child]:

Pursuant to the No Child Left Behind Act, N. Public School District must disclose to military recruiters and institutions of higher learning, upon request, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of high school students. The District must also notify parents of their right and the right of their child to request that the District not release such information without prior written parental consent.

Parents wishing to exercise their option to withhold their consent to the release of the above information to military recruiters and institutions of higher learning must sign and return the attached form to the Principal by October 25, 2004.


[principal's name]


Thank goodness, says Nancy, that this innocuous-looking form letter surfaced to the top of her pile of mass-generated mail before the opt-out date.

His dad may have been the self-proclaimed education president, but looks like W really is the war president he claims to be.

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