Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Religion is sexy

Seems that while we in the reality-based community can't get enough on the topic of Bush and religion, neither can those in the faith-based community.

On the heels of Ron Susskind's masterful piece in the New York Times Magazine two Sundays ago comes
Laurie Goodstein's assessment
, in today's Times, of the president's church preferences, which she finds at odds with his political expressions of faith (such as queer-baiting and stem-cell shenanigans).

For the faith-based contingent, the Philadelphia Inquirer offers
this exposé
on the role local churches are playing in distributing a video that all but lauds W as the Second Coming. (Well, he his the second coming--of a President Bush, that is.)

For more reverent and thoughtful discussions of the presidential religion thing, your blogstress directs her readers to fellow bloggers Nathan Paxon and Josh Rhoderick, of Nate Knows Nada and Turnspit Daily, respectively.

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