Sunday, October 17, 2004

Too soon to sigh relief
in the Garden State

A recent Farleigh Dickenson poll puts New Jersey back in the Kerry column, but by a mere two points--which is really a tie if you factor in the margin of error.

The outcome of the toss-up rests with an unusually wide swath of undecided voters, calculated at some 12 percent of likely voters.

As noted in yesterday's post, President Bush will grace New Jersey with his presence tomorrow, to deliver what is billed as a major homeland security address. One can only hope that the voters have the good sense to see beyond the posturing to take note of the austerity budgets on which the enforcers of border protection and immigration law have been placed for nearly a year.

One also hopes that the Dems and the unions get off the denial train about what's going on west of the Hudson River, and stop sending Jersey's foot soldiers to Pennsylvania. We're talkin' 15 electoral votes, folks, that are virtually up for grabs east of the Delaware River. And yeah, Pennsylvania's 21 electoral votes are just as important, but there are plenty of folks from all over the country walking that beat.

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