Thursday, October 14, 2004

Who's outta line?

How awful of that John Kerry to mention Vice President Dick Cheney's out lesbian daughter in a discussion of sexual orientation and gay marriage! Just ask MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, or Ben Ginsburg, legal adviser to the Swift Boat Veterans for Bush and late of the Bush Cheney campaign (not that the two have anything to do with each other). According to these two, it was just despicable and depraved for the Democratic presidential candidate to note the vice president's top campaign adviser and beloved daughter as an example of a queer person who apparently knows who she is.

Your blogstress concurs with those pundits who suggest, as did MSNBC's Ron Reagan, Jr., that Kerry's mention of Mary Cheney in this context wasn't exactly a smooth move. Indeed, this sort of thing always makes your Webwench squirm.

However, a Google search of Scarborough's response to GOP senatorial candidate Alan Keyes' assertion that Ms. Cheney was, by definition, as "a selfish hedonist" (see Krazy Keyes' explanation of his comment to your blogstress during the Republican National Convention; scroll to the 7th item, The anti-Obama: Alan Keyes talks to AddieStan about Mary Cheney, sex organs and journalists) came up mysteriously empty.

[NOTE: Readers' challenge--your Webwench, with her undying faith in humanity, would love to stand corrected on this. Send in your citations.]

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