Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Interesting times

TRENTON, N.J.--From the smoldering Gang of One comes this:

Blogstress knows I am a member of the opposing camp, and we have had our donnybrooks regarding the liberal camp versus the conservative horde. But I am not here to shill for my man, nor pick a fight with those loyal to the challenger. I suppose I am here as an American. An American pained by the sharp divisions in our nation. I am distressed that we have come to such blows and to such horrific mudslinging. I recall in the last election so-called celebrities vowing to move to Paris or some other imagined haven were George W. Bush to become POTUS. I cannot understand this mindset. To me, that is sullen, immature and selfish. Only spoiled children turn their backs on their siblings.

It is possible that John F. Kerry wins tonight. If he does, he will still be my president. I may disagree with his philosophy. I may have serious issues with his agenda. But it is the Office that I cannot turn my back on. If Kerry wins, I can only wish him Godspeed, and that he truly does what is necessary to protect us all, and honor his obligation of defending the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

In the event the incumbent is voted out of office, certainly I will be disappointed. But I will believe that Kerry has the chance to rise to the occasion, and demonstrate those characteristics that mark leaders of men and women in trying times. I may not be a complete believer in Mr. Kerry but I am, without question, a believer in the goodness of this country.

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