Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Nothin' left to lose

The Internationalist has joined your cybertrix in the oppo factory, just in time for the freedom riff. The president suggested some nice things that the tyrants of Egypt and Saudi Arabia might do if they wanted to make a pretty democracy.

"What is he doing?" asked your blogstress of the Internationalist. "Did he, like, call Mubarak and Fahd and say, hey, I gotta say a coupla things in the speech about freedom in your land. Don't you worry about none of it, though. But that stuff about the Uranium people risin' up against the moo-lahs, well I just might mean that."

"He's not saying anything bad [to the ears of the dictators]," the Internationalist explained. "He's just saying things that won't happen."

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