Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The pride of Bavaria

A day has passed since election of the Enforcer to the papacy, and your blogstress has calmed down sufficiently to do a bit of writing on the subject for The American Prospect Web site that should explain her adverse reaction to the naming of this particular pope. (And did he have to be from Bavaria, of all places?)

Last night, on MSNBC, Carl Bernstein suggested that, as pope, Ratzinger might surprise us; he might not be all that bad. Carl, from your mouth to God's ears. One presumes Carl is speaking in relative terms, despite Ratzinger's condemnation of moral relativism just the other day. (Your cybertrix does concede, however, that Mr. Bernstein tends to be right more often than not--one of his many maddening traits.)

BERNSTEIN: I think that, one, that he may be open-minded on some questions that some of the members of the panel might be holier than the pope about.

I think...that Supreme Court justices, kings, queens, and popes, people who get jobs for life, sometimes turn around and surprise you. I think this pope... might well make some gestures. I do not think he is going to change, as I said, the perennial theology. But I am not at all sure that his way of addressing his papacy is going to be as polarizing some of the members of the panel...[the other guests on the April 19th edition of "Scarborough Country," who included Pat Buchanan]

Your Web wench, on the other hand, suspects that the cardinals rushed through balloting in order to get it overwith before the Holy Spirit could do a fly-by. What else could explain such a quick decision, and this result?

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