Thursday, April 21, 2005

Why stay?

A new friend from Old Europe, whom we'll call Swiss Watch, sends this:

Obviously, I have to agree with you that the election of Ratzinger is a disaster--for the church and way beyond.

Here is what I, as an outsider, cannot understand: Why don't you just leave the church and become Methodist? (Most of the teaching is quite similar, but there is no pope...) In my home country of Switzerland there is a church that calls itself "Old Catholic" or "Christ Catholic" that split from the Roman church after the First Vatican Council, protesting the infallibility doctrine. It has never had a great geographic reach, but it is an obvious alternative for Hans K√ľng (to whom the vast majority of Swiss have been very sympathetic), yet he never chose to take it. (The church is also present in Southern Germany, where he is a professor.)

What is it about the Catholic Church that makes it so hard for people to leave it?

Hmmm...Any takers on this one? Your blogstress, rosary gripped in hand, would love to hear from her readers. ("E-mail Addie" button on upper left of this site.)

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