Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dems with a clue

Perhaps a day late and a dollar short, some Democrats are questioning the compromise of some of their so-called "moderate" peers that was crafted to avert the Republicans' use of the option they've termed "nuclear" on the matter of the filibuster, long a Senate tradition.

In the Washington Post, Charles Babington reports on a protest by the Congressional Black Caucus of the confirmation of the atrocious Janet Rogers Brown to the D.C. circuit court.

"Our problem with the compromise is the price that was paid," Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said yesterday. She and other Congressional Black Caucus members plan to march into the Senate today to protest the impending confirmation of Janice Rogers Brown.

Note that Norton, despite her office in the House of Representatives, bears the title "Delegate" and not "Representative," because the Congress has deemed the citizens of the District of Columbia--mostly black people and other kinds of Democrats--unworthy of congressional representation. And, yes, we do pay federal taxes--just like you.

In the same story, Joe Biden (D-Del.) turns his attention from bashing the Democratic Party chairman to taking on a right-wing Republican. You go, Joe!

Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) told reporters that Brown is "one of the most extreme nominees that has ever come before the United States Senate in the 32 years I've been a senator."

Speaking of the chairman, he seems unmoved by the admonishments of the senator from the great (if tiny) State of Delaware. Of the G.O.P., Howard Dean today said:'s pretty much a white, Christian party.

Hard to argue with that.

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