Thursday, April 27, 2006


Your blogstress appears to stand corrected on her verdict of Treasury Secretary John Snow as a dullard. Apparently, the former railroad captain is an object of some fascination to those obsessed with monetary policy, as is your cybertrix's foxy (but, alas, spoken for) friend, Glenn Kellis, who writes:

I was chuffed to read your reference to the mind numbing John Snow. Might you be taking a slight interest in monetary policy? If you are you may have noticed the US dollar is in a hell hole swan dive. See this chart.

The Mogambo has some interesting things to say this week.

And sorry to be a jerk and point out that CSX and the railroads in general have been kicking ass for quite some time, mainly because they transport a lot of raw materials and commodities like coal, timber, iron, add the like which are being exported to China and India at record rates. Here's a glimpse at their ass-kicking.
Well, as soon as your Webwench can schedule some quality time for consuming bon-bons while perusing monetary policy, she will render her verdict on Mr. Kellis's assertions. In the meantime, everybody buy Euros!

P.S. -- Qu'est-ce que c'est "chuffed"?

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