Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mon Dieu! L'hammer est fini!
(or, DeLay is done)

Yet another amazing day in Our Nation's Capital. It appears that we won't have Tom DeLay to kick around anymore. The bug-man is said to be ready to withdraw from his congressional race, with the Abramoff probe edging closer to his door. Though it appears the story was broken by Time, your blogstress herewith links you to The Washington Post, which has done such comprehensive work on the Abramoff scandal.

Mes amis, let's all light candles for the rescue of the good people of the State of Georgia from the clutches of Ralph Reed, who is running for lieutenant governor. You see, Mr. Reed, once the choir-boy-faced evil genius behind the Christian Coalition, is quite caught up in the Abramoff mess himself, as Max Blumenthal reminds us. And so are Dobson and Minnery. How delicious it is to see the pious leaders of the right exposed for what they truly are.

Of course, it won't make a whit of difference if no one in the opposition party stands up to say something like, "Hey, those guys aren't looking very Christian these days, now, are they?"

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