Friday, May 26, 2006

Justice Dept. out of control
Goes after lawmakers for NSA leaks

If you're not yet convinced, mes amis, that the executive branch has brought the reality of a police state to the federal level, consider this aside from Eggen's and VandeHei's piece on the tension between President Bush and House Speaker Hastert regarding the raid on Rep. Jefferson's offices:

Another potential entanglement with the FBI arose yesterday when the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reported that federal agents are seeking to interview top House members from both parties as part of an investigation into leaks about the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program to the New York Times.
This is apparently part of the same probe that is targeting reporters for daring to publish or broadcast information about potential government lawbreaking passed to the journalists by sources.

If the FBI was doing its job, mes cheris, it would be investigating the NSA for violating federal law with its warrantless domestic wiretapping.

Of course, most of the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are unconcerned with that little problem, having just voted to confirm Gen. Michael V. Hayden, the architect of the National Security Agency's domestic spy program, to the post of CIA director.

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