Wednesday, May 03, 2006

National security spying discussion
on Diane Rehm

As she gets her late start at today's posting, your blogstress is listening to a most interesting discussion on today's edition of The Diane Rehm Show, a show syndicated to NPR affiliates, on the massive levels of spying focused on "U.S. persons," a category that includes U.S. citizens and others who are in the country legally. Today's show (click on the above link and click on appropriate player in the left-hand sidebar to listen to live stream) features David Cole (the Georgetown University law professor, not the Washington, D.C., guitar virtuoso), former Reagan administration Justice Department official Lee Casey, and Robert Block, the Wall Street Journal journalist who last week reported on the Defense Department's data-mining expeditions against Americans. The audio will be posted online at about noontime, EDT.

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