Monday, June 05, 2006

Marriage "protection" and the 2006 elections

Today heralds the kick-off of Marriage Protection week in the Senate, mes amis, leaving your blogstress to wonder when that venerable institution had become endangered. Has there been a sudden downturn in the fortunes of wedding gown designers? Are the florists suffering for lack of nuptial blossoms? Are the caterers letting go of staff?

Why, no, mes cheris, indeed they are not. But the Republicans, standing with the veil yanked from their money-grubbing, treasury-looting, murderous agenda, desperately need an issue for the 2006 mid-term elections, so they have introduced the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment in the Senate, a bill that, if enacted, would amend the Constitution of the United States to protect anti-gay-marriage legislation from the equal rights clauses of all constitutions, state and federal. Muddling through the merde that is his approval ratings, President Bush needs to pacify the religious right he has so riled up with his "guest-worker" (indentured servitude) program for immigrants (brown people), especially now that everybody else has had it with him.

For more, your cybertrix directs her devotees to her piece, published this morning, at the Web site of the Women's Media Center, a new venture recently launched by Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan.

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