Friday, June 16, 2006

Welcome home, Wemple

For New York-area transplants to Washington such as your Webwench, the hiring of Erik Wemple, editor of Washington CityPaper to lead the venerable, if tumultous, Village Voice, was an exciting turn of events. However sorry we were to lose Wemple's editorial prowess in the service of the city where real people actually live that comprises Our Nation's Capitol, it was gratifying to think that Wemple's sensibility would permeate the Voice, which has been locked in a struggle with its new owners for its very soul.

Well, it seems as if the souless have prevailed; Wemple has rescinded his acceptance of the post at the helm of the Voice. Good for him for having the integrity to refuse the job on any but his own terms. The Apple's loss is our gain, as Wemple stays on at CityPaper.

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