Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Media Pundit sees loophole in Bush pledge

This just in to your blogstress from a colleague in the blogosphere, heretofore unknown to your Webwench:

Bush says U.S. Won't Attack North Korea

That is the headline of an AP article that hit the wire just over an hour ago. It is currently the top headline on many news sites. Anyone who listened to the press conference, however, knows that the headline is misleading. From the AP article itself: Bush said the United States remains committed to diplomacy but also "reserves all options to defend our friends in the region."

Reserving all options does not sound like he has ruled out the possibility of a military response. What Bush actually said was that the U.S. "has no intention of attacking" North Korea. Where have we heard that phrase before? In 2002 Bush repeatedly claimed that he had "no intention of attacking Iraq."

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