Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't leave home without your camcorder
Voter suppression in Virginia and elsewhere needs documentation


It's really getting deep in Ol' Virginny, where Kay Steiger, your blogstress's colleague at TAPPED, the Web log of The American Prospect Online, was challenged when she tried to vote in the precinct in which she is registered. Check out Kay's story.

The Associated Press is reporting that the FBI is investigating the intimidating calls, like the one mentioned here earlier that was made to a voter by someone purporting to be from the Virginia Election Commission, who promised the voter that he would be arrested if he showed up at his polling place.

VideoTheVote.org is encouraging folks to record their experience at the polls, and then upload any video collected of anything shady.

CLICK HERE to check out their mini-documentary.
(It's just a few minutes long.)

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