Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not a prejudiced bone in my body

Your blogstress seems to have kicked up a bit of dust with her assertion, on TAPPED (the Weblog of The American Prospect Online), that nearly all white Americans are racially prejudiced. (No, your cybertrix does not count herself out of this equation.)

It all began with a post by the very funny but somewhat sexist Charlie Pierce, who, commenting on the racist meltdown of "Seinfeld" alumn Michael Richards, asserted that the Seinfeld show always spouted prejudices but went on to compare the spouting of prejudice by the misogynist (and often funny) late comic Sam Kinison as preferable to that of the Seinfeld types, who suffered from some form of "maidenly vapors," according to Pierce. Oy vey, to quote a favorite editor of your net-tĂȘte's.

This did not amuse Garance Francke-Ruta, one of your Webwench's rare female colleagues at TAPPED, who took Pierce to task for his celebration of the misogynist Kinison, as well as the crappy "vapors" comment, in this post.

Piling on to pummel Pierce with her pocketbook was your Ă©crivaine, who took the opportunity to comment, as well, on the Michael Richards hate speech, yielding her comment about the prejudices of those of the Caucasian persuasion, to which she belongs.

Well, there's a damn-near free-for-all taking place right now on TAPPED, and your blogstress urges her devotees to add their comments -- if they know what's good for them.

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