Friday, December 01, 2006

Weird planetary alignment

It's as if the goddesses and their consorts were preventing your blogstress from issuing forth from the blogosphere, but all manner of confusion between the evil big-business domain-hocker Network Solutions, and another outfit which we'll call Hemp-Hed Hosting (not its real name) has led to your cybertrix's Weblog appearing only intermittently, between messages that declare the breakaway republic to be "under construction," or even better, to have an "expired" name.

At Network Solutions, customer service comes in the form of condescending young men in an East Asian country whose "help" generally requires about four phone calls to achieve any result. Meanwhile, over at Hemp-Hed, very nice, very mellow American geeks chat you up, knowing exactly what the problem is, but forget to put in the order for the fix. So, it takes about four calls to achieve any result, but at least the calls tend to be amusing.

Okay, well there's still the gig at TAPPED (The American Prospect Weblog) to feed your Webwench's blogging jones, n'est-ce pas? Well, wouldn'tcha know that technical woes at The Prospect site have seen TAPPED out of commission for the past couple of days. Maybe it's those funky aspects this week between Mercury and Neptune, and Mars and Saturn. Other suggestions will be entertained.

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