Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Get out the pliers and lemon juice

In case you missed it, mes amis, Pope Benedict XVI last week asserted moral supremecy over the whole planet. That was right after le Saint-Père gave the go-ahead for the schismatic righties who defied the Holy See on the matter of the Latin Mass to resume their use of the Tridentine rite, which Jews remember as having references to their "perfidy."

Over at The Reality-Based Community, Mark Kleiman cheers the pope's move as one that could pull a wedgie on the coalition of evangelicals and right-wing Catholics that has brought a great republic to its knees in, lo, these last two decades. More a piece than a post, this one knocks me out. The man can write:

For any liberal of my vintage, regardless of denomination, Pope John XXIII is one of the great heroes of the '60s. It is one of the ironies of history that the ecumenical movement associated with the Second Vatican Council was among the preconditions of the movement Andrew Sullivan calls "Christianism": the effort by theologically and politically conservative Catholics and Protestants to ally Christianity with reactionary politics.

The fear and hatred that divided the Evangelical right from the Catholic right was, it turned out, among the bulwarks of American liberty. The identification of the anti-abortion cause with Catholicism greatly slowed its adoption by right-wing Protestants, especially in the South. But after Pope John made the Catholic bogey-man less scary, it became easier for Jerry Falwell to play on the same political team with Cardinal Law, once John Paul II had moved the Church back to he right politically while more or less maintaining its outreach to Protestants.
By the same token, but on a different path, your blogstress sees in the Vatican's latest decrees and Bush administration's (and, apparently the American people's) sanction of torture, a return to the dark ages. The argument is made in her regular column at The American Prospect Online.

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Realist said...

TAPPED (The American Prospect) blog is a cowardly excuse for a blog. Those twats have apparantly banned my comments because they can't disprove them. If anyone here values freedom of expression, post comments on TAPPED and tell them what twats they are for banning someone they can't disprove. I have heard the "blog is like someone's house" analogy in that you can ban anyone you want as you can tell anyone in your house to leave, but there is a difference between banning someone for being a dick and banning someone for consistently saying things that they don't want to hear yet can't disprove because they're the facts, like them or not. I've said the truth about 9/11 being a false flag operation many times on many blogs and have yet to be banned by anyone but TAPPED. I know a lot of people like to pretend that 9/11 happened the way the official myth has it, but nevertheless they haven't banned me. And a big blog like TAPPED? That even has its own magazine in print? Utterly gutless. Those cowards are either willingly or unknowingly part of the cover-up, helping out the mass murderers who have the blood of 3,000 Americans on their hands. No wonder their blog's motto is "Liberal Intelligence". They must be the liberal wing of the intelligence community. They're accessories-after-the-fact to mass murder. Cowardly pieces of shit who ban people instead of trying to debate because they can't defend the indefensible. To hell with TAPPED.

Adele said...


Have you asked anybody at The Prospect if this is true? I know that the comments section was not working for part of last week due to technical issues. It might not be about you, darling.