Monday, July 23, 2007

Being taken seriously

Hillary Clinton was just asked by a U.S. serviceman, via video from Okinawa, whether she would be taken seriously by the leaders of Muslim countries where women "are regarded as second-class citizens."

Ooooo, that steely gaze left no uncertainty; Clinton said quite rightly that after her meetings with high-level officials in 82 countries, she was sure there was no doubt in her ability to be taken seriously. While she noted a number of women leading countries in today's world, none of those she mentioned lead Muslim countries. Would that she would have mentioned some of the female heroines of Islam.

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NewsCat said...

Discussion between myself and my roommate, we thought the questioner was being sexist. He was asking if *she* would be taken seriously in the sense that he, himself, would not take her seriously.

But it's hard to get angry at such sexism when it handed Mrs. Clinton such a great platform.

Gotta wonder if CNN would have broadcast a similar question asking if Obama would be taken seriously in all these other countries because he's a black man. It's more acceptable to be sexist than racist, especially on national television.

Adele said...

Excellent comment, newscat. I think you're on the money. But the Hillcat really dispensed with that nonsense, no?

Anonymous said...

It's way more acceptable to be sexist than racist. I would bet legal tender that this country will have a non-white president before it has a female pres. But if the Democrats actually want to win in 2008, they should probably just go with some white dude from the south.