Saturday, August 04, 2007

Blogging the Yearly Kos Convention

CHICAGO--Your blogstress never meant to neglect her devotees; truly she did not, mes amis. It's just that, this time of year, there are so many conferences and so little time.

Consequently, your cybertrix finds herself blogging instead for Real Women, Real Voices, the blog of the National Women's Editorial Forum, which has sent your Webwench to observe the haps at the Yearly Kos convention, the confab that bears the name of the giant, multi-voice blog known as Daily Kos. There, you may find the recent musings of your écrivaine, but clicking the links below.

Prez Candidates Too Busy for Women Blogger Convention
Make it to Where the Boy Bloggers Are

Blogging While Female

Feminist Bloggers Poised to Combine Resources and Strength

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1 comment:

BAC said...

Great meeting you at BlogHer and YKos!