Monday, August 13, 2007

Guess we won't have Karl Rove to kick around anymore

He'll be too busy collecting oodles of dough for a book advance and corporate governance deals -- not to mention answering the calls speed-dialed from the Oval Office.

From our long lost correspondent, The Internationalist, your blogstress received this fit of pique:

Damn, if I have to hear more about the "genius" of Karl Rove, I am going to hack up a fur ball. The tale of how he saw the potential in the blue-jean-wearing "W" who came to meet him at Union Station -- the "glow" Karl saw was probably W's Jack & coke buzz. I would go on about Rove having "the math," but it just gives me a headache, reminding me of trying to find the square root for imaginary numbers.
Watch out for fuzzy projectiles, mes amis.

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