Sunday, August 19, 2007

How can I miss you, Karl,
when you won't go away?

Last week, he promised to go all elusive on us and everything, inviting us to call him Moby (although the whale's last name may prove a more apt moniker), today, your average Sunday-morning couch potato just couldn't get away from Karl Rove, even if she wanted to. (Click here to read, at The American Prospect Online, your Webwench's morning-after piece about Rove and the rightie who may have done him in.)

There he was on "Meet the Press" telling David Gregory that he didn't have to testify before Congress because the nation's founders granted him executive privilege -- apparently through some sort of special dispensation:

KARL ROVE: We have a constitutional separation of powers. The founders talk about this. They, they understood this issue, and they wanted to insulate the judicial, the executive and the legislative from each other in this respect.
So, the founders are apparently talking to Karl Rove telling him that "separation of powers" means that, in the executive branch, you grab all the power you can, carefully separating the powers from the branches to which they previously belonged. (Of course, the current Congress is often all too happy simply to fork theirs over, as it did in the recent legislation on NSA wiretapping, thanks to the votes of 57 Democrats.)

But here's the real kicker from Rove's MTP appearance:
KARL ROVE: It should not—-the Constitution should not be weakened, and we should not weaken the prerogatives of the power of the presidency just because somebody wants to have kind of show hearing on the Hill.
Yeah, he's cuttin' out in order to save the Constitution. (BTW, Moby, the Constitution does not forbid members of the White House staff from testifying before Congress.)

Oh, and here's some blogging from ink19 about your écrivaine's take on the Rove exit.

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