Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Television gets interesting

You blogstress is running about a day behind, having lost yesterday to the oral surgeon and synthetic opiates (legitimate prescription, of course!).

Among the things on which your cybertrix is catching up is the Emmy Awards program that saw Sally Field censored for daring to say that mothers do not like war. If a man made a similar statement, would he have suffered a similar fate?

At WIMN, Jenn Pozner serves up the good and the bad news emanating from the Emmys -- and, yes, there was good news.

Check out Jenn's post here.

Too bad Fox actually lost viewers with this year's Emmys program. One program that may draw viewers to Fox, however, is K-ville, the new cop/buddy show set in post-Katrina New Orleans. There are issues, to be sure, with the show's anti-hero cliches, but it also touches on some very real stuff about race, class and the use of mercenaries to "keep order" in the city on which Bush turned his back. If nothing else, if K-ville succeeds, it will keep the struggles of the people of New Orleans in the faces of television viewers on a weekly basis. I hope it works.

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