Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clinton camp:
Obama's former drug use a problem

With the latest CNN/WMUR poll showing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in a dead heat among New Hampshire primary voters, you knew the gloves were bound to come off. And they have.

Yesterday, Billy Shaheen, a national co-chair of Clinton's New Hampshire campaign and husband of the former NH Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, questioned Obama's "electability" because of his former drug use.

Your blogstress had no use for Chris Dodd's attempt to leverage the latent sexism of some in the Democratic base when he cast aspersions on Hillary Clinton's "electability," and she has none for Shaheen's apparent appeal to any submerged racial prejudice that may exist among the voters in a state where nary a black person is to be seen. Because of Obama's racial identity, the question of drug use will undoubtedly link in some minds with the stereotyped image of the black drug-thug. And that's a despicable thing to use as a wedge in a Democratic primary.

For more depth, devotees can read your Webwench's post on the subject at TAPPED.

Herewith, the report on Shaheen's remarks from Alec MacGillis of The Trail at

For a little background, check out this excellent piece by the Post's Lois Romano.

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