Thursday, December 20, 2007

The electability ruse

Your blogstress is getting mighty tired of the way in which the presidential candidates are questioning each other's "electability". I mean, how do you know when somebody is electable? When he or she gets elected, that's how!

As your cybertrix has mentioned before, the "electability" ruse is nothing more than an appeal to voters' prejudices, be they racist, sexist or religionist in nature. From the Republicans, I expect no less. But from Democrats, it's especially bad juju.

To that end, your Webwench talked earlier this week with Helen Miller, one of two African-American women in the Iowa State House of Representatives, about how Barack Obama's admission of drug use during his youth is being deployed against him by the Hillary Clinton campaign as a form of racial code.

For more, read "The Real Race Card" at The American Prospect Online.

In a somewhat frightening development, you can read a paean to Obama by David Brooks, the New York Times's resident conservative columnist, by clicking here.

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