Thursday, December 13, 2007

Live-blogging the Democratic-Des Moines Register debate
Your first priorites as president

Obama: 1) End the war, 2) Restore the Constitution, 3) your ecrivaine's issues with short-term memory is preventing her recall.

Biden: 1) Implement the Biden plan (end the war), 2) End torture

Richardson: 1) End the war in Iraq, end torture

Dodd: 1) Change the discourse, shrillness; "change the nature of our conversation", 2) "give you back your Constitution," 4) diplomacy in the Middle East

Edwards: 1) End the war, 2) Close Guantanamo, 3) restore civil liberties, but we need to take back America from the corporate interests

Clinton: 1) I will begin to end the war in Iraq, 2) restore the Constitution

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