Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fred Thompson whoopie-cushions MSNBC

Republican soon-to-be-also-ran Fred Thompson totally scammed MSNBC tonight, apparently teasing the guys -- and it really is THE GUYS -- with the allure of a possible withdrawal. So, Thompson, who appears to have barely registered was, at last look, battling Mitt Romney for third place in today's South Carolina Republican presidential primary, managed to get at least 10 minutes of free media, when MSNBC broke away from its anchor desk to (video) broadcast his speech, which was neither a withdrawal nor a concession. Once Thompson lowered his pants leg by way of his inconclusive conclusion, laughter from the MSNBC studio was audible. "What was that?" asked anchor Keith Olbermann.

To be clear about THE GUYS, your blogstress must, in fairness, say that the excellent Rachel Maddow was brought into the broadcast to take on Pat Buchanan's boosterism of Mitt Romney, who won the Republican Nevada caucuses, and reporter Andrea Mitchell was featured in the segment on Clinton's Nevada win. Then Peggy Noonan, the Reagan/Bush speech writer, appeared in a later segment about the Republican South Carolina primary. Basically, one chick per segment, giving a gender ration of three to four guys for every one female.

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